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Line dance's and cheesy games are NOT what we are about
Real DJ's taking your event to the next level.
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Supreme DJs And Entertainment


We create memories. Memories are tied to emotion. Without emotion, there are no memories!


? We create moments.
? We create memories.
? ?? ?????? ??? ????? ?? ???? ????.
? Exactly the way YOU want.
? No more cheesy line dances
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Only the music you WANT to hear and the party you want to have. Hosting some of the best Barrie DJ's in the area, we guarantee you and all of your guests will have the night of their life at your event. We take DJing very seriously. Some of the top Barrie DJ's and DJ's from all over on the roster. Veteran's who know how to rock a crowd, and are very far apart from any typical wedding DJ service.

Supreme DJs is truly unique

Not only are we world class DJ's, creating a party to any event we go But we also push the event design to the limit. We want your guests to be WOW'D the minute they walk in the door. Supreme DJ's was invented and managed by REAL DJ's, who passion and creativity is behind everything they do. There is a reason why we have so many amazing reviews and ecstatic clients. Expect more from your DJ service.

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